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Fig. 4

From: How does forest recovery following moderate-severity fire influence effects of subsequent wildfire in mixed-conifer forests?

Fig. 4

Random forest (a) and conditional inference tree (b) analysis output explaining the influence of forest structure and composition variables on the Relative differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (RdNBR) for field plots burned in the 2013 Rim Fire. Variables are listed in descending order according to their relative importance (a). Abbreviations are: L.= live, D. = dead, den. = density, and cm = centimeters diameter at breast height. Of the top four most important variables, only two were identified as significant in the conditional inference tree analysis (b). P-values at each node are from permutation tests with a Bonferroni adjustment. Number of field plots (n) and box plots showing the distribution of RdNBR values in the 2013 Rim Fire for resulting groups of field plots are shown at each terminal node. The pseudo R2 for the tree is 0.52

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