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Table 1 Summary of the distribution of sampling sites in the Moquah Barrens (Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest), Wisconsin, USA, included in this study. Ash samples were collected in May of 2016 following two successive prescribed burns. Numbers indicate the number of study plots for each combination of historical and current vegetation state. Historical state is based on a USDA 1951 Timber Survey, and current vegetation state is based on a 2016 Forest Service survey. Letters in parentheses indicate fuel treatments: A = addition, C = cut brush, C&R = cut and remove

From: Fuels, vegetation, and prescribed fire dynamics influence ash production and characteristics in a diverse landscape under active pine barrens restoration

Historic State (circa 1951)Current State
Pine plantation5* +  3(A)4 + 4(C) + 4(C&R)4 + 4(A)
Deciduous Forest44 + 4(C) + 4(C&R)4 + 4(A)
Grassland  4
  1. *Sample sizes without fuel treatment codes indicate that fuels were not manipulated (i.e., ambient conditions)