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Table 7 Average recovery times reported in previous studies that used satellite indices to describe post-fire vegetation recovery. NDVI = Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, NDSWIR = Normalized Difference Shortwave Infrared Index, EVI = Enhanced Vegetation Index, VRI = Vegetation Recovery Index, BRR = Burn Recovery Ratio, NPP = Net Primary Productivity (derived from NDVI and Simple Ratio [SR])

From: Examining post-fire vegetation recovery with Landsat time series analysis in three western North American forest types

Authors Year Vegetation type Location Index Reported mean recovery time (yr)
Viedma et al. 1997 Mediterranean Spain NDVI 1 to 18
Hicke et al. 2003 Boreal Canada NPP 9
Epting and Verbyla 2005 Boreal Alaska, USA NDVI, NBR 8 to 14
Idris et al. 2005 Tropical, temperate forest Borneo, China NDVI 1 to 4
Hope et al. 2007 Chaparral California, USA NDVI 10
Wittenberg et al. 2007 Mediterranean Israel EVI 3
Cuevas-González et al. 2009 Boreal Siberia, Russia NDVI, NDSWIR 13
Gouveia et al. 2010 Pinus L., Eucalyptus L’Hér Portugal NDVI 3 to 5
Jin et al. 2012 Boreal Canada EVI 5 to 8
Fernandez-Manso et al. 2016 Pinus Spain VRI 7 to 20
Pickell et al. 2016 Boreal Canada NBR 5.6
Chompuchan and Lin 2017 Pinus Taiwan BRR 20 to 30
White et al. 2017 Boreal Canada NBR Variable
Yang et al. 2017 Boreal Norht America NDVI >10
Frazier et al. 2018 Boreal Canada NBR Variable
Hislop et al. 2018 Sclerophyll SE Australia NBR 8 to 10