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Table 1 Analyses performed and variables considered when examining effects of fire on perennial herbs and shrubs between 1986 and 2015 on McCorkhill and Yackelup forest sites, Western Australia. Plot (Fire treatment) and Sample event (Fire treatment) indicate nesting of plots and sample event within fire treatments

From: Fine-scale temporal turnover of jarrah forest understory vegetation assemblages is independent of fire regime

Variables Analyses
Dependent variable Species richness per plot Euclidean distance between plots in composition of fire response types Sørensen dissimilarity between plots in assemblage of perennial herb and shrub species
Covariates Years since fire Years since fire Years since fire
Years elapsed Years elapsed Years elapsed
(Years elapsed)2
Independent variables Fire treatment Fire treatment Fire treatment
Plot (Fire treatment) Plot (Fire treatment) Plot (Fire treatment)
Sample event (Fire treatment) Sample event (Fire treatment)