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Table 1 Number of natural resource professionals interviewed regarding red-cockaded woodpeckers and longleaf pine management in the Southeastern Coastal Plain of the United States (2015 to 2016)

From: Aligning endangered species management with fire-dependent ecosystem restoration: manager perspectives on red-cockaded woodpecker and longleaf pine management actions

  Interviewees (n)
Management agency
 US Forest Service 14
 US Fish and Wildlife Service 2
 US Department of Defense 6
 State agency 8
 Private or other 2
Coastal Plain states represented
 Alabama 3
 Florida 11
 Georgia 3
 Louisiana 3
 North Carolina 1
 South Carolina 9
 Texas 2
Roles represented
 Property manager 3
 Biologist or wildlife-related program personel 24
 Forestry-related program personel 3
 State ecologist 1
 State fire specialist 1