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Fig. 2

From: Tree regeneration following wildfires in the western US: a review

Fig. 2

Decision support tool for planting based on literature review of selected US studies from 2005 to 2018. Distances and slopes are approximate and based on mean values found in many studies, although exact values and locations should be altered by region and management unit and informed by local experience and monitoring. Aspect indicates the aspect that a hillside is facing: S-W indicates south- through west-facing slopes; N-E indicates north- through east-facing slopes. The triangle at the top indicates the gradient of forest types and climatic conditions that vary between the hottest and driest locations and the coolest and wettest, with increasing favorability as one moves to cooler and moister conditions. Dashed lines indicate a need to assess all locations for more localized important factors listed to the right after more broad scale assessments, prior to planting

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