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Fig. 5

From: Characterizing persistent unburned islands within the Inland Northwest USA

Fig. 5

Maps illustrating the proportional area of each 6 km × 6 km grid cell that is covered by (a) fire perimeters within the Inland Pacific Northwest from 1984 to 2014 (including reburns, such that the proportion is cumulative and can exceed 100% of the pixel area), (b) overlapping fire perimeters (i.e., at least two fire perimeters or reburn only), (c) all unburned islands (including persistent unburned islands), and (d) persistent unburned islands (i.e., patches that have remained unburned through at least two fires). The inset (e) illustrates the number of overlapping fire perimeters (the degree of overlap) in the most highly burned grid cell

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