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Fig. 4

From: Does burn severity affect plant community diversity and composition in mixed conifer forests of the United States Intermountain West one decade post fire?

Fig. 4

Box plots of the distance to ordination centroid within burn severity classes in Montana fires (a), Idaho fires (b) and the Washington fire (c), USA, that burned in July and August between 2003 and 2007. The center line represents the sample median, the box represents the first and third quartile of the sample, the whiskers represent the minimum and maximum after outliers have been removed. Outliers are defined as data points located farther away than >1.5 times the distance between the first and third quartile (the length of the box). Outliers are noted with asterisks (*). In each graph, the box plots represent, from left to right, unburned, low-, moderate-, and high-severity burn sites. P-values for ANOVA tests for differences by burn severity class are listed. Letters (A, B, C) indicate statistically significant difference (P < 0.05) between burn severity classes. Pairwise comparisons between high burn severity and unburned (P = 0.052) and moderate burn severity and unburned (P = 0.060) for Montana fires are shown in (a)

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