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Table 4 Summary of species richness and diversity measures by burn severity level for wildfire sites in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, USA, that burned in July and August between 2003 and 2007. Species richness denotes the number of species recorded at each severity level. The number of species unique to each severity class is also noted. Species diversity (Shannon’s diversity index) average is the average alpha diversity for sites within each severity class, SE denotes the standard error. Gamma diversity within a severity class is the Shannon’s index calculated for all sites within that severity class. Beta diversity represents the dissimilarity in species composition between sampling units. Letters (A, B, C) indicate statistically significant difference (P < 0.05) between burn severity classes for species diversity and richness. There was no difference in green cover between severity classes

From: Does burn severity affect plant community diversity and composition in mixed conifer forests of the United States Intermountain West one decade post fire?

Burn severity class Sites
Species richness total (n) Species unique to class (n) Species richness (mean±SE) Alpha diversity
Gamma diversity Beta diversity Green cover
Unburned 17 115 26 19.2±1.7AC 2.029±0.136A 3.651 1.622 56.3±7.0
Low 21 167 26 23.6±1.4AB 2.379±0.064B 4.045 1.666 70.1±4.8
Moderate 32 190 35 25.6±1.5B 2.316±0.069AB 3.961 1.645 74.1±4.1
High 19 130 16 21.0±1.2ABC 2.171±0.081AB 3.505 1.334 70.0±4.5
Total 89 270   22.9±0.8 2.245±0.044 4.097 1.852 69.2±2.5