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Table 7 Best predictor variables for invasive species occurring in more than 10% of the wildfire sites in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, USA, that burned in July and August between 2003 and 2007. Abbreviations for predictor variables are: sprp = spring precipitation, dNBR = burn severity index, mmin = mean minimum temperature of the coldest month, map = mean annual precipitation, and winp = winter precipitation. xR2 is the cross-validated R2. Bootstrap xR2 is the average fit of 100 models run with the selected predictors and associated standard error (SE). N is the average number of sites contributing to the model estimate at each point on the modeled surface. The tolerance value indicates how broadly a given point estimate is influenced by the surrounding sample space. Sensitivity ranges from 0 to 1 and indicates the relative importance of each predictor in the model

From: Does burn severity affect plant community diversity and composition in mixed conifer forests of the United States Intermountain West one decade post fire?

SpeciesPlots (n)xR2Bootstrap xR2 (SE)NPredictorSensitivityTolerance
Bromus tectorum890.2610.691 (±0.029)4.9sprp0.1104.56 (10%)
dNBR0.056182.9 (15%)
mmin0.07222.8 (20%)
Centaurea stoebe890.2750.733 (±0.030)4.5dNBR0.18261.0 (5%)
map0.04052.1 (15%)
winp0.02050.0 (30%)
Cirsium spp.890.0370.501 (±0.041)32.1mmin0.06528.6 (25%)
dNBR0.025365.7 (30%)