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Fig. 3

From: Temporal patterns of active fire density and its relationship with a satellite fuel greenness index by vegetation type and region in Mexico during 2003–2014

Fig. 3

Predicted (PRED) and observed (OBS) Fire Density Index for each vegetation type and region in Mexico, for the period 2003 to 2014. AG: Agriculture, TFOR: Temperate Forest, PAS: Pastureland, PTROPF: Perennial Tropical Forest, ARBSV: Arborous Secondary Vegetation, SHSV: Shrubby Secondary Vegetation, DTROPF: Deciduous Tropical Forest, NW: Northwest region, NE: Northeast region, C: Center region, and S: South region. Dots represent monthly FDI values. Lines represent the observed against predicted linear regression equations (R2 and equation coefficients of the observed against predicted linear regressions are shown below the name of each vegetation type and region)

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