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Fig. 4 | Fire Ecology

Fig. 4

From: Temporal patterns of active fire density and its relationship with a satellite fuel greenness index by vegetation type and region in Mexico during 2003–2014

Fig. 4

(a, b) Example of plots of regular and partial autocorrelation functions (ACF and PACF) of the Dead Ratio (DR) data of Arborous Secondary Vegetation of the NW region (ARBSV_NW), and (c, d) of the residuals of the modeled DR with the best fit ARIMA model, and (e) of observed and predicted DR for ARBSV_NW utilizing the best fit seasonal ARMA model for Mexico, for the period 2003 to 2014. Lines in blue (a to d) mark the limits for significant autocorrelation. Observed data in (e) are shown in black, predicted data in red

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