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Fig. 1

From: Multi-scale synthesis of historical fire regimes along the south-central US prairie–forest border

Fig. 1

Fire history study site locations across the south-central US prairie–forest transition zone. Vegetation types are adapted from Kuchler’s (1964) Potential Natural Vegetation types. Study site codes are: TPP = Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, KEY = Keystone Ancient Forest Preserve, TLY = Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve, OKM = Okmulgee Wildlife Management Area, DPF = Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge, CCH = Cache Creek, WCH = French Lake, RGF = Rain Gauge Flat, HOL = Hollis Canyon, TSH = Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, HAG = Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, PRT = Purtis Creek State Park, BST = Bastrop State Park

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