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Table 4 Comparison of measured fire effects at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, USA (2016 to 2018), with First Order Fire Effects Model predictions. For the purposes of comparison, topkill is equated with mortality as predicted in the model. n/a = no tree mortality was observed in the unit. DBH = diameter at breast height, FOFEM = First Order Fire Effects Model, UWTT = Upper Weir Trenches unit T, UWTB = Upper Weir Trenches unit B, HLD01 = Holden Woods unit 1, HLD02 = Holden Woods unit 2

From: Resilience of Oregon white oak to reintroduction of fire

  Mean DBH of killed trees (cm) Tree mortality (%)
Observed FOFEM modeled Observed FOFEM modeled
UWTT n/a 8.5 0 58
UWTB n/a 7.7 0 66
HLD01 13.6 6.8 10 67
HLD02 10.8 7.2 4 66