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Table 2 Correlations of environmental factors with non-metric dimensional scaling axes (Fig. 10)

From: Boreal forest vegetation and fuel conditions 12 years after the 2004 Taylor Complex fires in Alaska, USA

dNBRContinuous burn severity index0.70571–0.708500.22740.030*
TRASPAspect (transformed)0.832600.553880.23410.033*
ForestTypeSpruce, hardwood, or mixed dominant trees0.973470.228810.10330.217
TotalSPHTotal tree stems ha–10.755750.654860.03260.633
LiveSPHLive tree stems ha–1–0.273650.961830.20140.032*
DeadBABasal area of standing dead trees (m2 ha–1)0.80759–0.589740.18130.051
CanopyCanopy cover (%)0.046180.998930.13700.123
ShrubTall shrub cover (%)0.00888–0.999960.02760.679
F1000hr1000-hour fuel load (kg m–2)0.906170.422910.48320.001***
F100hr100-hour fuel load (kg m–2)0.99832–0.057950.38840.002**
F10hr10-hour fuel load (kg m–2)0.98490–0.173110.29960.006**
F1hr1-hour fuel load (kg m–2)0.986830.161730.25890.014*
MossDepth to duff (mm)–0.998600.052980.47010.001***
DuffDepth to mineral soil (mm)–0.883720.468010.36240.004**
  1. Values in NMDS1 and NMDS2 (non-metric multidimensional scaling axis 1 and axis 2) are the direction cosines (i.e., the coordinates in ordination space for the head of the plotted vector arrow). R2 correlations and P-values calculated based on permutation test
  2. Significance of P-value indicated as: *** < 0.001, ** < 0.01, * < 0.05, . < 0.1