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Table 2 Mean total extractable element concentrations for Moquah Barrens, Wisconsin, USA, ash samples collected in May 2016. Samples are distinguished by vegetation cover type, and table excludes ash samples collected from plots with experimental fuel load manipulations (addition or removal). N = nitrogen, Fe = iron, Cu = copper, Mn = manganese, Mg = magnesium, Ca = calcium, K = potassium, P = phosphorus

From: Correction to: Fuels, vegetation, and prescribed fire dynamics influence ash production and characteristics in a diverse landscape under active pine barrens restoration

 Total extractable element concentration (g kg−1)
Vegetation cover typeNPKCaMgMnCuFe
Standing brush16.122.084.5523.174.822.800.035.89
Deciduous forest13.001.873.5827.264.684.460.038.62
Cut brush13.521.893.6622.785.334.450.038.86
Conifer woodland10.441.182.3510.303.381.440.027.71