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Table 2 Total extractable element concentrations by vegetation cover type. Values are expressed as mean cocentration (g kg-1) ± standard error. Significant differences according to pairwise contrasts (Tukey's tests; p < 0.05) are indicated by different letters in the same row

From: Correction to: Fuels, vegetation, and prescribed fire dynamics influence ash production and characteristics in a diverse landscape under active pine barrens restoration

 Vegetation cover
Element (total extractable)Standing brushGrasslandDeciduousCut brushConifer
N16.12 (2.63)a15.86 (1.14)a13.00 (1.29)a13.52 (1.42)a10.44 (1.47)a
P2.08 (0.27)a1.39 (0.24)a1.87 (0.24)a1.89 (0.20)a1.17 (0.17)a
K4.55 (0.66)a2.71 (0.37)a3.58 (0.73)a3.66 (0.40)a2.35 (0.28)a
Ca23.17 (2.16)ab18.79 (2.95)ab27.26 (5.70)a22.78 (2.73)ab10.30 (2.73)b
Mg4.82 (0.23)ab4.45 (0.39)ab4.68 (0.59)ab5.33 (0.24)a3.38 (0.30)b
Mn2.80 (0.35)abc2.13 (0.66)ac4.46 (0.66)b4.45 (0.50)b1.44 (0.15)abc
Cu0.03 (2.7e-3)a0.025 (3.1e-3)a0.034 (4.8e-3)a0.031 (2.0e-3)a0.019 (3.8e-3)a
Fe5.89 (2.1e-3)a6.29 (1.2e-3)a8.62 (2.8e-3)a8.86 (4.9e-3)a7.71 (0.024)a