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Table 1 Studies and their associated fire regime parameters included in the Colorado, USA, ponderosa pine fire regime meta-analysis of 2017

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of fire regime research in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) ecosystems, Colorado, USA

Map number (Fig. 1) Fire regime parameter
1Bigio et al. 2010x  x 
2Bigio et al. 2016xx  x
3Brown and Shepperd 2001x  xx
4Brown and Wu 2005x   x
5Brown et al. 1999x  x 
6Brown et al. 2015x    
7Donnegan et al. 2001x  xx
8Ehle and Baker 2003 xx  
9Fulé et al. 2009x   x
10Gartner et al. 2012x   x
11Goldblum and Veblen 1992x    
12Grissino-Mayer et al. 2004x  xx
13Korb et al. 2013x  xx
14Laven et al. 1980x x  
NA*Litschert et al. 2012  x  
15Rowdabaugh 1978x    
16Schoennagel et al. 2011 x  x
17Sherriff 2004xx  x
18Sherriff and Veblen 2006  x  
19Sherriff and Veblen 2008    x
20Sherriff et al. 2014 x   
21Veblen et al. 1996   x 
22Veblen et al. 2000x    
23Wieder and Bower 2004x   x
24Williams and Baker 2012a x   
25Williams and Baker 2012b x   
  1. *Study included all fires throughout the state from 1970 to 2006; locations cannot be mapped