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Table 5 Summary statistics for the ratio of earlywood to latewood fire scars by three latitude groups from seven studies within the ponderosa pine zone in Colorado, USA, used in the fire regime meta-analysis of 2017. Groups determined by equal breaks (1.2° per group) in the overall latitude range of the studies included in this meta-analysis; n is the number of sites in each group, and SD is the standard deviation

From: Systematic review and meta-analysis of fire regime research in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) ecosystems, Colorado, USA

Latitude groupLatitude range
(decimal degrees)
Low37.13 to 38.330.791.3714
Mid38.34 to 39.540.540.4412
High39.55 to 40.750.821.0113
Overall37.13 to 40.750.721.0239