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Table 1 Site attributes at each Baker cypress stand measured along a chronosequence in northern California, USA, surveyed in 2015 or 2016 Note that the Pipeline site was planted and excluded from fuel loading and stand density measurements. SDI = stand density index, n/a = not available

From: Post-fire fuel succession in a rare California, USA, closed-cone conifer

Fire or site nameLatitude, longitude (°)Age (yr)Aspect (°)Slope (%)Elevation (m)Metric SDICones per tree (n)
Eiler40.76, −121.63278156000
Moonlight40.18, −120.7105232034220
Pipeline40.78, −121.72633681344n/a120
Horrs Corner41.18, −121.540137113094210
Glass Mountain41.19, −121.810733311098210240
Burney40.78, −121.7147336813444921290