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Table 1 Site characteristics and amount of evidence used to reconstruct fire histories at the eastern edge of the Palouse Prairie ecotone in Idaho, USA. Recording years are those for which at least two trees had scarred at least once. Unless drawn from other studies as noted, these data were based on crossdated fire scars from partial tree sections sampled in 2008 (Crane Creek, Pine Creek, and Weitz) or 2018 to 2019 (Iron Mountain South and Southside Trail)

From: Fire and land cover change in the Palouse Prairie–forest ecotone, Washington and Idaho, USA

Fire history site nameSite codeLatitude (°)Longitude (°)Elevation (m)Area sampled (ha)Number of trees crossdatedNumber of fire scarsRecording yearsLand ownershipSource
Basalt HillBSH46.84083−116.7814992133721689–1886University of Idaho Experimental ForestPeterson 2004
Crane CreekCRA46.98736−116.8942195413101631678–1890privateThis study
Flannigan CreekFLA46.84527−116.8983394728255561599–1925privateHeyerdahl et al. 2008a, 2008b
Iron Mountain SouthIMS47.11604−116.9755011343203771598–2015McCroskey State ParkThis study
Leef's HillLFH46.86683−116.7293488624421630–1992University of Idaho Experimental ForestPeterson 2004
Pine CreekPIN47.05164−116.965431138791711619–2005privateThis study
Southside TrailSST46.81181−116.95470111011183911735–1930privateThis study
WeitzWEI46.82721−116.9850010431481871671–1895privateThis study
Total     971959