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Table 4 Dominant tree species (current [late twentieth to early twenty-first century] and during the Early Holocene, circa 10 500 to 5000 yr BP) in select locations in the Pacific Northwest, USA, where charcoal analysis indicated increased fire activity in the warmer and drier summers of the Early Holocene. Locations are listed from north to south. These studies were selected to cover a range of geographic locations and forest types and do not represent a comprehensive list of charcoal analyses for the Northwest. For a more comprehensive list, see Walsh et al. (2015)

From: Changing wildfire, changing forests: the effects of climate change on fire regimes and vegetation in the Pacific Northwest, USA

Region (site) Elevation (m) Latitude, longitude (°) Current dominant tree speciesa Early Holocene dominant tree speciesa Reference
North Cascade Range, Washington (Panther Potholes) 1100 48.658, −121.04 Douglas-fir, Pacific silver fir, western hemlock, western redcedar Lodgepole pine Prichard et al. 2009
Puget Lowlands, Washington (Marckworth State Forest) ~430 47.772, −121.811 Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western redcedar Douglas-fir Crausbay et al. 2017
Western Olympic Peninsula, Washington (Yahoo Lake) 710 47.677, −124.018 Pacific silver fir, western hemlock, western redcedar Douglas-fir, red alder, Sitka spruce Gavin et al. 2013
Southwestern Washington (Battle Ground Lake) 154 45.805, −122.494 Douglas-fir, western redcedar, western hemlock, grand fir, Sitka spruce Oregon white oak, Douglas-fir Walsh et al. 2008
Northern Rocky Mountains, Idaho (Burnt Knob Lake) 2250 45.704, −114.987 Subalpine fir, whitebark pine, lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce Douglas-fir, whitebark pine, lodgepole pine Brunelle and Whitlock 2003
Willamette Valley, Oregon (Beaver Lake) 69 44.551, −123.17 Willow, black cottonwood, Oregon ash, Oregon white oak Oregon white oak, Douglas-fir, beaked hazel, bigleaf maple, red alder Walsh et al. 2010
Oregon Coast Range (Little Lake) 210 44.167,° −123.584 Western hemlock, Douglas-fir, western redcedar, grand fir, Sitka spruce Douglas-fir, red alder, Oregon white oak Long et al. 1998
Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon (Bolan Lake) 1600 42.022, −123.459 White fir, Douglas-fir Western white pine, sugar pine, Oregon white oak, incense cedar Briles et al. 2005
  1. a Species names that are not otherwise indicated in the text: beaked hazel (Corylus cornuta ssp. cornuta Marshall), bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum Pursh), black cottonwood, (Populus trichocarpa Torr. & A. Gray ex Hook.), incense-cedar (Calocedrus decurrens [Torr.] Florin), Oregon ash (Fraxinus latifolia Benth.), Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis Douglas ex J. Forbes), sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Douglas), western redcedar (Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don), western white pine (Pinus monticola Douglas ex D. Don.), willow (Salix spp. L.)