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Table 1 Summary of management history and weather conditions on the day of the most recent burn for the study sites. Timber harvesting activities included overstory removal (OSR), commercial thinning (Thin), and establishment dates of new pine plantations (Est). Daily weather conditions were obtained from the Salisbury Airport, located approximately 6.5 km northeast of the study areas. RH = relative humidity; Temp = maximum temperature. The magnitude of the rain event that reset the count of the rain-free days variable is given in centimeters, in parenthesis. Variables entered into the feature selection algorithm are indicated by an asterisk (*)

From: Factors influencing the persistence of reindeer lichens (Cladonia subgenus Cladina) within frequent-fire environments of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA

Site nameSample (n)Area (ha)Cover typeHarvest type (yr)Date burnedNumber of prior burns*Minimum RH* (%)Temp*
Average wind speed* (km hr−1)Rain-free days* (n)
BU-92911.9Hardwood–pine regrowthOSR (2008)20 May 201524422.216.11 (0.8)
BU-164123.9Pre-commercial pineEst (2004)24 Feb 201715723.311.37 (0.7)
BU-26433.9Hardwood–pine regrowthOSR (2007)24 Feb 201715723.311.37 (0.7)
BU-FT302.4Closed-canopy pineEst (1998)23 Mar 20170178.39.73 (0.4)
BU-102041.7Open-canopy pineThin (2007)
Thin (2016)
10 Apr 20172312516.13 (1.0)
BU-8162.3Open-canopy pineThin (2008)
Thin (2016)
20 Apr 201705227.29.713 (1.0)
BU-72821.1Hardwood–pine regrowthOSR (2008)20 Apr201725227.29.713 (1.0)