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Table 2 Mean (standard error) proportion of total mass, lignin, and cellulose remaining as well as ash-free lignin and cellulose concentrations measured following three incubation periods in three loblolly–shortleaf pine stands during a 472-day study (24 Feb 2000 to 10 Jun 2001) in southeastern Arkansas, USA

From: The influence of repeated prescribed fire on decomposition and nutrient release in uneven-aged loblolly–shortleaf pine stands

 Mean proportion (%)Mean concentration (g kg−1)
Incubation period (days)Total massLigninCelluloseLigninCellulose
1597.9 (0.57)a197.7 (0.66)a95.3 (0.65)a441 (1.1)c207 (1.3)a
21575.9 (0.62)b82.3 (0.96)b71.4 (0.77)b486 (2.0)a204 (1.0)a
47258.4 (1.57)c57.4 (1.47)c50.8 (1.39)c457 (3.4)b195 (3.4)b
  1. 1Means with the same letter for a specific litter parameter do not significantly differ, α = 0.05