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Table 4 Proportion of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg) content remaining, as well as ash-free nutrient concentrations (g kg−1) for each litter location and source combination in three loblolly–shortleaf pine stands at the end of a 472-day study (24 Feb 2000 to 10 Jun 2001) in southeastern Arkansas, USA

From: The influence of repeated prescribed fire on decomposition and nutrient release in uneven-aged loblolly–shortleaf pine stands

 Proportion content remaining
BurnBurn0.58 a11.08 a1.23 ab0.41 b1.00 a0.63 a
BurnControl0.60 a1.04 a1.24 ab0.46 a0.97 a0.62 a
ControlBurn0.56 a1.04 a1.15 b0.38 b0.90 a0.77 a
ControlControl0.57 a1.10 a1.41 a0.47 a0.94 a0.90 a
 Ash-free nutrient concentration (g kg−1)
BurnBurn515 a8.49 a0.60 a1.00 a6.75 a1.05 a
BurnControl508 a7.92 a0.50 a0.91 a5.67 b0.86 a
ControlBurn508 a8.49 a0.58 a0.95 a6.33 a1.32 a
ControlControl510 a8.89 a0.60 a0.99 a5.80 b1.34 a
  1. 1Means with the same letter for a specific element and parameter do not significantly differ, α = 0.05