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Table 1 Number of 20 ha replicates by treatment and site during (2008 to 2016) oak woodland and savanna restoration experiments at Catoosa Wildlife Management Area (Tennessee, USA), Green River Game Lands (North Carolina, USA), and Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (Tennessee, USA). Treatments were unmanaged stands, burn only in the spring (Spring only) or fall (Fall only), and combinations of thinning to 14 m2 ha−1 (woodland) or 7 m2 ha−1 (savanna) residual basal area with March (Spring) or October (Fall) fire. Dashes represent the absence of a treatment at a site

From: Litter to glitter: promoting herbaceous groundcover and diversity in mid-southern USA oak forests using canopy disturbance and fire

Site Unmanaged Spring only Fall only Spring woodland Fall woodland Spring savanna Fall savanna
Catoosa Wildlife Management Area 2 2 2 2 2
Green River Game Lands 1 1 1 1 1 1
Land Between the Lakes 2 2 4 4