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Table 2 Slopes of flammability score (Principal Component Analysis [PCA] factors 1 and 2) versus drying time for litter mass × infrared heating treatment combinations from pine and oak litter flammability experiments at Humboldt State University Wildland Fire Laboratory, Arcata, California, USA, in July 2017. Factor 1 = PCA factor composed primarily of flame height, smolder time, and consumption. Factor 2 = PCA factor composed primarily of flame time. Shared letters within columns, for species separately, indicate no significant differences between slopes using Tukey multiple comparison test

From: Radiant heating rapidly increases litter flammability through impacts on fuel moisture

Litter (g) and treatmentFactor 1 versus drying timeFactor 2 versus drying time
Estimated slope
 75 unheated0.09a0.21a
 75 heated0.47b0.98b
 25 unheated0.18ac0.20a
 25 heated0.47bc0.72b
 50 unheated0.17a0.10a
 50 heated0.56b0.30b
 25 unheated0.23a0.14ab
 25 heated0.70b0.30ab