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Table 1 Habitat variables and data sources for modeling pre- (2010) and post-fire (2014) nesting habitat suitability of Mexican spotted owl at the 2011 Wallow Fire, Arizona, USA

From: The effect of scale in quantifying fire impacts on species habitats

Habitat variableTypeData source
Pre firePost fire
Percent canopy cover (%)CompositionLANDFIRE (2010)LANDFIRE (2014)
Forest edge density (m ha−1)
Percent cover of mixed-conifer (%)
Percent cover of ponderosa pine (%)
Proximity index of forest (no unit)
Slope (degree)TopographicLANDFIRE (2010)
Topographic position index (no unit)
Topographic roughness index (no unit)
Elevation (m)
Solar radiation index (no unit)ClimatePRISM Climate Group (2014)
Monsoon-season precipitation (mm)
Cumulative degree-days (no unit)