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Table 2 Information on fire dates that made up the experimental treatments. Weather data were taken onsite or from a weather station located 700 m away from the study location at Archbold Biological Station, Venus, Florida, USA, from 2005 to 2010. Wind data were taken at ground level near fire. Fuels were added to reburned plots from 2006 onward. All fires occurred between 0945 and 1300 hours. N = number of plots burned. KBDI = Keetch-Byram Drought Index (Keetch and Byram 1968). Min Rh = minimum relative humidity. Max AT = maximum air temperature. Max WS = maximum wind speed. Max FT = the mean of the maxima among the dataloggers per plot. Max 1-min mean = the mean of the maximum 1-minute means among dataloggers per plot. Mean RT = the number of minutes that temperature recorded above 60 °C. FL = flame length of typical flames (maximum observed length in parentheses). Days since rain and days to next rain were taken from Archbold Biological Station weather data (main weather station)

From: Effects of frequent fire and mowing on resprouting shrubs of Florida scrub, USA

YearDateNKBDIMin Rh (%)Max AT (°C)Max WS (km hr−1)Max FT (°C)Max 1-min mean (°C)Mean RT (min)FL (m)Days since rainDays to next rain
200520 Apr4438462686985315.41 to 2 (5)67
200630 Mar852741281448636810.51 to 3 (6)511
200720 Apr85973029195253015.62 to 4 (6)414
200826 Mar84825023114142635.1NA25
200917 Mar470546281147842622.92 to 3 (4)151
201016 Apr1625738271957839911.5NA121