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Table 3 Repeated measures ANOVA results for ln (biomass) as a function of time (repeated factor), disturbance frequency (DRI), disturbance type (Type), species, and their interactions. Multivariate tests are shown since the data violated sphericity. We used Roy’s largest root for data collected at Archbold Biological Station, Venus, Florida, USA, from 2005 to 2014, as it is the most powerful test in many circumstances (Field 2009). Similar results accrue with tests of within-subject effects in repeated measures ANOVA when corrected for violation of sphericity using Greenhouse-Geisser or Huynh-Feldt corrections

From: Effects of frequent fire and mowing on resprouting shrubs of Florida scrub, USA

EffectRoy’s largest rootFdfError dfP
Time * Type0.0702.5641470.041
Time * DRI0.1395.1941490.001
Time * Species1.27727.367150<0.001
Time * Type * DRI0.1104.10541490.003
Time * Type * Species0.1563.33971500.002
Time * DRI * Species0.2551.821211500.021
Four-way interaction0.1991.425211500.115