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Table 7 Effects of 2011 soil variables on biomass (ln) one and two years after treatments, for data collected at Archbold Biological Station, Venus, Florida, USA, from 2005 to 2014. n = 231 and n = 214 for one and two years, respectively. B = slope, SE = standard error, Beta = standardized coefficient, t = student’s t test

From: Effects of frequent fire and mowing on resprouting shrubs of Florida scrub, USA

One yearConstant1.9482.272 0.8570.392
Soil moisture (ln)0.2720.3340.1200.8120.418
Organic matter (%)−0.1280.171−0.116−0.7480.455
Total inorganic N (ln)0.3950.2970.1621.3290.185
PO43− (ln)−0.0700.227−0.032−0.3070.759
Two yearsConstant0.7912.393 0.3300.741
Soil moisture (ln)0.3300.3490.1450.9460.345
Organic matter (%)−0.1460.187−0.130−0.7800.436
Total inorganic N (ln)0.4540.3160.1881.4370.152
PO43− (ln)−0.1650.236−0.077−0.6990.485