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Table 2 Research needs in prescribed fire science

From: Prescribed fire science: the case for a refined research agenda

Science topics Priority questions
Fuel characterization What spatial scale does variation in fuel influence fire behavior?
What drives scale-relevant fuel moisture dynamics?
Fire effects How does ignition pattern affect tree stress and survival?
How do variations in season, intensity, and frequency affect plant, animal, and soil community responses?
Fire behavior How does ignition pattern influence interaction of fire lines?
How can we model manipulation of fire lines and other backing and flanking ignition patterns?
Fire meteorology and climatology How well do relevant fuels track traditional metrics of atmospheric moisture and solar radiation?
How much annual variation is there in atmospheric conditions that allow prescribed fire?
What are opportunities to expand or modify prescribed burning windows to meet objectives without compromising safety?
Smoke behavior and management How do plumes differ in low-intensity, small prescribed fires in comparison to higher-intensity, larger wildfires?