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Table 1 Historical newspaper articles reporting fires from the same years as the tree-ring record near or on Catoctin Mountain, Maryland, USA, from 1845 to 1942, used in our fire history study in 2018. Date reported is the date that newspapers recorded as the wildfire ignition date, not the date of the article. Fire scar seasonality by tree-ring follows Speer (2012). Days since wetting rain is the number of days without >0.254 cm of rain. Cause of fire recorded as “incendiary” in the newspapers refer to human causation

From: Fire history and dendroecology of Catoctin Mountain, Maryland, USA, with newspaper corroboration

Date reported Fire scar seasonality by tree-rings Reporting newspaper name Days since wetting rain Cause of fire
16 Apr 1845 Dormant Catoctin Whig 10 None given
13 May 1857 Undetermined Hagerstown Herald 9 None given
11 May 1872 Dormant The Catoctin Clarion 10 Charcoal pits and incendiary
12 May 1879 Dormant Hagerstown Herald 14 None given
20 May 1885 Dormant The Washington Post 24 None given
8 May 1888 Dormant The Washington Post,
The Catoctin Clarion
7 Incendiary
12 May 1891 Dormant The Baltimore Sun 9 None given
11 May 1899 Dormant The Catoctin Clarion 5 Incendiary or locomotive spark
15 Nov 1901 Dormant The Washington Post 30 None given
15 Dec 1913 Dormant The Frederick Post 8 None given
17 Nov 1917 Dormant The Frederick Post 18 None given
23 Apr 1923 Dormant The Baltimore Sun,
The Frederick Post
9 Incendiary
9 Sep 1930 Dormant The Frederick Post 13 Incendiary
20 Apr 1936 Early earlywood and dormant The Frederick Post 8 Huckleberry pickers
13 Nov 1939 Dormant The Morning Herald1 6 Incendiary
17 Apr 1942 Dormant The News2 6 None given
  1. 1Published in Hagerstown, Maryland
  2. 2Published in Frederick, Maryland