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Table 1 Natural fire-return intervals, dominant vegetation, and typical fire intensities for resprouting vegetation, defined by Menges (2007), of the Florida vegetation habitat following 13 prescribed fires, from 2006 to 2010, at Archbold Biological Station, Venus, Florida, USA. Peak fire season is in late spring (May through June) for all habitats. See Additional file 1 for complete identification of all species

From: Are fire temperatures and residence times good predictors of survival and regrowth for resprouters in Florida, USA, scrub?

Habitat Fire-return interval (yr) Dominant vegetation Typical fire intensity
Scrubby flatwoods 6 to 19 Oaks, palmettos High
Sand pine–oak scrub 10 to 19 Oaks, hickory, sand pine High
Flatwoods 6 to 9 Palmettos, wiregrass, gallberry Variable, often high
Southern ridge sandhill 2 to 5 Pines, wiregrass Variable, often low