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Table 3 Dominant pre-fire conifer species observed, number of plots these species were detected and the number of plots seedlings were observed. Percentage represents proportion of plots that had a species pre-fire where they were also observed post-fire, and the mean density of seedlings by species on those sites where at least one seedling as observed (sites with no regeneration of that species are excluded)

From: Microenvironment characteristics and early regeneration after the 2018 Spring Creek Wildfire and post-fire logging in Colorado, USA

Species Observed overstory presence
(# of plots)
Seedling presence
(# of plots)
Percentage of plots with species pre-fire where seedlings were present post-fire Mean density for sites with seedlings (trees ha−1)
Lodgepole pine 10 9 90% 6718
Douglas-fir 21 9 43% 44
White fir 27 4 15% 122
Limber pine 9 1 11% 12
Ponderosa pine 22 0 0% 0
All species 31 19 61% 3230