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Table 3 General characteristics of burn severity assessments and potential traits arising with lag time after fire. For information content, P signifies perimeter and S severity, “-” and “+” indicate general potential for information completeness. See text for explanation.

From: Ecological and Sampling Constraints on Defining Landscape Fire Severity

Conditions Rapid Initial Extended
Time Since Burn < 2 weeks 1 – 8 weeks 2 – 12 months
Burn Completion Often burning Most are complete Complete
Fire Coverage Larger, by request Most > minimum size All > minimum size
Data Availability Limited More Most
Data Source Multiple Single Single
Method Variable Single Single
Information Content P-, S- P, S- P, S+
Delayed Mortality Undetected Slightly detected Detected
Survivorship Undetected Slightly detected Detected
Phenology May be senescent May be senescent Green
Transmittance Variable Likely better Likely good
Sun Angle, Snow Variable Variable Best possible
Potential Quality Variable Variable Often good
Uses and Term of Use Limited May be limited Final reference