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Table 6 Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) treatments. (Adapted from Robichaud et al. 2000.)

From: Post-Wildland Fire Desertification: Can Rehabilitation Treatments Make a Difference?

Hillslope Channel Road and trail
Broadcast seeding Straw bale check dams Rolling dips
Seeding plus fertilizer Log grade stabilizers Water bars
Mulching Rock grade stabilizers Cross drains
Contour-felled logs Channel debris clearing Culvert overflows
Contour trenching Bank/channel armoring Culvert upgrades
Scarification and ripping In-channel tree felling Culvert armoring
Temporary fencing Log dams Culvert removal
Erosion fabric Debris basins Trash racks
Straw wattles Straw wattle dams Storm patrols
Slash scattering Rock gabion dams Ditch improvements
Silt fences   Armored fords
Geotextiles   Outsloping
Sand or soil bags   Signing