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Table 1 Published fire history data for each of the three study areas: Bob Marshall (BM), Selway-Bitter-root (SB), and Frank Church (FC). Estimates of present-day fire rotations are indicated with an asterisk (*). Other estimates of fire rotation, derived from contemporary fire history studies, are considered historical rotations for the purposes of this paper.

From: Characterizing Fire-on-Fire Interactions in Three Large Wilderness Areas

Source Study area Fire rotation (yr) Fire regime description
Arno, 1980 BM 40 to 150 Mixed severity—high to low frequency
Barrett et al. 1991 BM 25 to 75 Mixed severity—high frequency
  BM 120 to 350 Stand replacing—low frequency
Brown et al. 1994 SB 54 to 197 Stand replacing—low frequency
  SB 22 to 56 Low- to mixed-severity—high frequency
Kipfmueller, 2003 SB 139 to 341 Stand replacing—low frequency
Rollins et al. 2001 SB 194* Includes all fire regimes
Barrett and Arno 1988 FC 4 to 41 Low severity—high frequency
  FC 40 to 200 Stand replacing—low frequency
USDA 2002 FC 15 to 84* Low severity—high frequency
  FC 35 to 105* Mixed severity—high frequency
  FC 75 to 100* Mixed severity—low frequency
  FC 150 to 198* Stand replacing—low frequency