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Table 6 Fire-on-fire interactions involving small fires, derived from fire atlas data. Small fire with small fire interactions happen when small fires interact with each other; small fire into large fire interactions happen when a large fire burns prior to the small fire encountering it; large fire into small fire interactions occur when a small fire occurs prior to the large fire. The proportion of the total number of interactions is shown in parentheses. Note: individual small fires may be involved in more than one interaction.

From: Characterizing Fire-on-Fire Interactions in Three Large Wilderness Areas

   Bob Marshall Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church
Total small fires (n) 149 185 246
Total small fires with interactions (n) 47 55 162
Interaction type Small fire with small fire (n) 7 2 9
Small fire into large fire (n) 13 23 65
Large fire into small fire (n) 43 (68%) 52 (68 %) 221 (75 %)
Total number interactions 63 77 295