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Table 1 Mulch and seed treatments applied by helicopter in fall 2005 on the School Fire. All treatments were limited to large patches of high severity burns on steep slopes.

From: Vegetation Response after Post-Fire Mulching and Native Grass Seeding

Treatment Application rate Ground covered (%) Area treated (ha)
Hydromulch + seed, native grasses 1.1 Mg ha−1 (1000 libs ac−1) wood fiber mulch with 90 kg ha−1 (80 lbs ac−1) guar tackifier and 11.3 kg ha−1 (10 lbs ac−1) pure live grass seed, locally sourced 56 20
Wheat straw mulch 2.2 Mg ha−1 (1 t ac−1), certified weed-free straw 57 32
WoodStraw® mulch 4.5 Mg ha−1 (2 t ac−1) 54 10
Seed only, native grasses 11.3 kg ha−1 (10 lbs ac−1) pure live seed, locally sourced   712
Untreated None   Extensive