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Table 5 Carbon sequestered (Cs) and actual rate of C uptake (Cu) by the new vegetation assemblage in three lenga beech burned areas of Andean Patagonia. The width of the regeneration borders (RB) of two burned sites is also shown.

From: Fire Emissions and Carbon Uptake in Severely Burned Lenga Beech (Nothofagus pumilio) Forests of Patagonia, Argentina

  C s C u RB
Study site Gg C Mg C ha−1 Mg C yr−1 Mg C ha yr−1 (mean ± 1 SE)
La Colisión 1.4 5.4 287.9 1.1  
La Torta 8.0 20.1 277.2 0.7 35.5 ± 19.9
Lago Guacho 0.8 18.4 20.9 0.5 32.6 ± 7.9