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Table 6 Carbon balance (Gg CO2) after the fire, and recovery years needed to mitigate C losses by fires. For recovery years, two Cu rates were considered. Cu1 was based on present estimations derived from equation 4. Cu2 was based on present estimations also derived from equation 4, but starting at year 0 (right after fire occurrence). Cu3 was based on variable rates applied to different times at earlier stages of secondary succession after a wildfire, trying to mimic natural vegetation dynamics. Cu = carbon uptake.

From: Fire Emissions and Carbon Uptake in Severely Burned Lenga Beech (Nothofagus pumilio) Forests of Patagonia, Argentina

Study site Carbon balance Gg CO2 Recovery years
Cu1 Cu2 Cu3
La Colisión −27.1 94.2 99 182
La Torta −29.3 105.5 135 154
Lago Guacho −3.1 150.2 187 162