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Table 1 Descriptions of candidate habitat variables used to model bighorn resource selection in the Seminoe Mountains, Wyoming, USA, from 2009 to 2013.

From: Short-Term Impacts of Fire-Mediated Habitat Alterations on an Isolated Bighorn Sheep Population

Covariates Description
aspect Dominant cardinal direction within each sampling unit. North used as reference factor.
dist_burn Sampling unit center to nearest (m) burned habitat edge calculated after fire events.
dist_escp Sampling unit center to nearest (m) escape terrain (slope > 27°)*.
dist_road Sampling unit center to nearest (m) road.
dist_water Sampling unit center to nearest (m) perennial water source.
elev Average elevation (m) within sampling unit.
slope Average slope (°) within sampling unit. Binary variable (1 = after fire treatment; 0 = prior to fire treatment).
Int Interaction term ( × dist_burn).
  1. *(DeCesare and Pletscher 2006)