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Table 4 Moderate and severe fire weather conditions used in the Fire and Fuels Extension-Forest Vegetation Simulator to model fire behavior. Information derived from Coyote, Jarita Mesa, and Brushy Mountain Remote Automated Weather Stations (RAWS) in New Mexico ( unless otherwise noted.

From: The Influence of Western Spruce Budworm on Fire in Spruce-Fir Forests

Moisture (%)
Fuel type Moderate (80th percentile) Severe (97th percentile) Source
Duff 50 15 Rebain et al. 2013
1-hour fuels 3 1 RAWS
10-hour fuels 4 3 RAWS
100-hour fuels 6 3 RAWS
1000-hour fuels (sound) 9 4 RAWS
Herbage 17 3 RAWS
Woody 60 60 RAWS
Fire weather
  Moderate Severe  
Wind speed (km hr−1) 11 27 RAWS
Temperature (°C) 19 27 RAWS