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Table 3 Biomass equations used in this study. The Eastern US conifer equation is from Schroder et al. (1997) and was used for the following species: eastern hemlock, eastern white pine. The red maple equation is from MacLean and Wein (1976) as cited in Jenkins et al. (2003). Variables are B = biomass (kg m−2), FR = foliage ratio (dimensionless), d = diameter at breast height.

From: Carbon Emissions during Wildland Fire on a North American Temperate Peatland

Vegetation type Biomass equation Foliage ratio equation
Eastern US conifer \(B = 0{.}5 + \left[ {15000\left( {{{2{.}7d} \over {2{.}7d + 364946}}} \right)} \right]\) \(FR = {e^{\left[ { - 2{.}9584 + \left( {{{4{.}4766} \over d}} \right)} \right]}}\)
Red maple log10(B) = −0.8602 + 1.7963log10(d) \(FR = {e^{\left[ { - 4{.}0813 + \left( {{{5{.}8816} \over d}} \right)} \right]}}\)