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Table 3 Fires that occurred from 1911 to 1922 in the northern and central Sierra Nevada sampled for mortality of merchantable timber (data from Show and Kotok 1924).

From: Corroborating Evidence of a Pre-Euro-American Low- to Moderate-Severity Fire Regime in Yellow Pine-Mixed Conifer Forests of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA

Fire name National forest Fire size (ha) Fire scarred trees felled (board m ha−1)a Direct damage from heat (board m ha−1)b
Bear River Eldorado 202 181 29
Butler Meadow Eldorado 453 375 173
Ferris Creek Plumas 1876   2531
Ham Station Eldorado 3839 358 414
Lassen-Walker Lassen 89   2523
Pilot Creek Eldorado 154 3134 188
Quincy Junction Plumas 81   1582
Slate Mountain Eldorado 142 153 38
White Horse Modoc 8296 467 1198
Weighted average    455 1106
  1. a Includes trees that fell due to loss of structural integrity from the enlargement of fire scars created by repeated fires.
  2. b Includes trees that were killed due to direct heat (i.e., crown fire).