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Table 1 Summary of the selected fire products and climatologic data.

From: Fire Response to Local Climate Variability: Huascarán National Park, Peru

Data Data type Data source Data time span Spatial resolution Temporal resolution
Fire products MODIS active fires (MYD14A2) Level 3 Reverb: (Justice et al. 2002, Morisette et al. 2005, Giglio et al. 2006 a) Jan 2002 to Dec 2014 1 km × 1 km 8-day composite
MODIS burned area (MCD45A1) Level 3 Reverb: (Roy et al. 2008, Roy and Boschetti 2009, Boschetti et al. 2013) Jan 2002 to Dec2014 500 m Monthly
Climate data Temperature (°C) Precipitation (mm) Simone Schauwecker (Meteodat GmbH, University of Zürich, Switzerland) and National Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Peru. Recuay Station (3404 m) Jan 2002 to Dec 2012 Local Monthly