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Table 2 Number of forest fires in ravines in the buffer zone and the Huascarán National Park between 2005 and 2009. (Data source: translated and modified from SERNANP 2010).

From: Fire Response to Local Climate Variability: Huascarán National Park, Peru

Year Watershed Ravine Origin Plant community affected
Months Buffer zone HNP
2005 Yanayacu, Jacabamba, Huaritambo, Pachacoto, Huachesca, Yurma, Wecroncocha, Mullaca, Buin, Ranrahirca, Carhuanga, Juitush 12 April to September 12 9 Grasslands, shrublands and Polylepis Ruiz & Pav. spp. forests, patches of Puya raimondii Harms, rocky slopes with lithophytic plants
2006 Yanayacu, Casca, Quillcay, Ranrahirca-Llanganuco, Huariparnpa, Huachesca 7 May to September 5 2 Native grasslands, shrublands, rocky slopes with lithophytic plants, Polylepis spp. patches
2007 Huachesca, Yanayacu, Casca, Rio Negro, Buin, Mancos 6 June to August 3 2 Grasslands and shrublands and rocky slopes
2008 Casca, Llanganuco, Mancos, Quillcay, Pachacoto, Cutacandra, Rio Negro, Rangracancha, Pucavado, Yanayacu 14 June to December 0 14 Native grasslands, shrublands and Polylepis spp. patches
2009 Jacabamba, Llanganuco, Yanayacu, Rio Negro 4   2 2 Grasslands and shrublands
Total   33   22 29