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Table 4 Distance of significant fire pathway cells in grass fuel models to the nearest timber fuel model cell. Distance was determined by counting the number of cells between a significant cell and the nearest timber fuel model cell. Significance was determined by a chi-square test to at least the P > 0.05 level and indicates that the grass fuel model burned more often than expected. Of the grass fuel model cells that burned more often than expected, 79 % occurred within 60 m of a timber fuel model cell.

From: Modeling Fire Pathways in Montane Grassland-Forest Ecotones

Distance from timber fuel model cell Number (%) of significant cells
Adjacent to timber fuel model 832 (36.7)
One cell (30 m) 685 (30.2)
Two cells (60 m) 274 (12.1)
Three cells (90 m) 120 (5.3)
Five or more cells (>120 m) 356 (15.7)
Total 2267 (100.0)