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Fig. 6

From: Examining post-fire vegetation recovery with Landsat time series analysis in three western North American forest types

Fig. 6

Distributions of post-fire climate anomalies relative to climate normals (1984 to 2010). GSP = growing season precipitation, WINP = winter precipitation, MAT = mean annual temperature, MMAX = mean maximum temperature in warmest month, MMIN = mean minimum temperature in coldest month. Precipitation, especially growing season precipitation, decreased post fire for most areas. Temperature remained the same or increased for most areas. BMCR = Black Mountain 2 and Cooney Ridge fires, CEZ = Cascade and East Zone fires, WCR = Wedge Canyon and Robert fires, OGP = Old and Grand Prix fires. WA = Washington, CA = California, SD = South Dakota, OR = Oregon, MT = Montana, CO = Colorado, ID = Idaho

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